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E-Mail aus Bournemouth

I am in England since exactly 6 months and I have to say that time is passing very fast, it seems yesterday that I was packing my suitcase to get to Bournemouth...

Since I went back in Bournemouth, after the christmas holidays my days are quite the same. After 6 months I get used to this life. I strongly believe that doing 9 months abroad are quite enough to experience new things and change your daily life in contrast to Italy. At school everything is fine. In Spanish we are doing the immigration in Spain and the difference between gender and sex. Whereas in Media we are focusing on the differences between traditional media and online media. I made a lot of new english friends and every weekend we explore new places (if the weather is nice. By the way I hate the english weather. If you wake up with the sun then you can be sure that you will go to bed with a heavy rain). For example last week we went to Sandbanks a beautiful peninsula in Poole. Sanbanks is famous for its well know residents and lavish lifestyles of the people. There you see lots of big houses with private beaches. We also saw the house of Emporio Armani. It was AMAZING. We also went to Poole to see “Lights on Poole”. Along the whole town there were lights shows and people performing on the street. In conclusion I have to admit that I sometimes really miss my home town, family and my friends and I look forward to see them.
Ilaria Russo